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The feeling of being part of a developing company

Fernando Diana, Santiago, Chile, Branch Manager

Fernando tells us from his own experience, how it has been to change his place of residence to start from scratch the new Crosshipping branch.

A person’s life is marked by successes and failures, decisions and choices, and they all have a common denominator: the will and passion for what we do. Feelings that are achieved in our own experience.

Crosshipping Experience

Pablo Simón, OTIS Argentina President - 10 years as client

How Crosshipping covers Otis needs?

“We choose Crosshipping for everything they offer: good support all the time, and a deep knowledge of what they do . All inquiries are immediately solved, almost on line solutions to our requirements, there are no gaps “.

The experience about working at the client’s office directly.

Maria Ignacia Silva Martín and Nicolás Hergesheimer, Crosshipping in plants at Otis Chile and Argentina.

How was it to start working as an in plant?

To Ignacia, it has been a big change since she comes from the operational area, and the new position required to keep in contact with suppliers, and mainly, directly with the customer. For Nicolás, to start working as in plant has been a big challenge: “I have to admit that the new position generated a lot of expectation; I was not sure about the dynamics and daily work, at a new company, where I had to immediately fit and understand the ways and internal logics of a new organization”.