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Miguel Taylor, Branch Manager Miami

“Miami market is huge, thanks to the commercial opening of the United States, that’s why we are always looking forward to new opportunities.”.

Thanks to our teamwork, we have been able to exploit all the opportunities we have come across, based on our own principles and ways of working. Each day, we expect that our clients appreciate the abilities and good will this team has when offering a service. We want to differentiate from our competitors, which are a lot and of different size. This daily work, sometimes difficult to be noticed, has been the key for us to grow along these four years at Crosshipping Miami office.

We have to admit that a great part of our growth is thanks to the mutual support from our colleagues worldwide, not only from our office group, but also from those which are part of our network. We have built a team which has helped all of us to reach our own aims by developing certain markets; that’s why it is so important to take part of the annual meeting.

Ahead we face a 2017 full of local and international challenges, and we are confident enough to continue consolidating in this market.